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CirKT is seeking to partner with a wide range of venues and community spaces across the borough to showcase a dynamic, cross-genre mix of new talent and established acts.

This opportunity is open to a wide range of spaces - including but not limited to pubs, community spaces/halls, churches, clubs, local businesses.

To be a part of CirKT you do not need to need to be an existing music venue, nor already be presenting live music or have a license to present live music. We want to help join up all kinds of local community spaces, businesses and venues, with music talent and promoters.


CirKT is seeking to discover dynamic new music talent to be a part of our community.

CirKT’s New Talent Programme will give audiences a chance to catch the next rising music stars in intimate and local settings, whilst providing a showcase platform for musicians to perform to new audiences across CirKT’s diverse range of Kingston venues and spaces. Through a selection process, acts will have access to a wide range of venues across the borough in June and November 2019.